Wise Portal ™ is Where Our Conventional & Electronic Commerce Meet

CereTel’s Wise Portal™ is its proprietary retail gateway that allows retailers and distributors to sell, reload and market CereTel’s products and services from any internet connected device. Through Wise Portal™ CerteTel offers two very strategic products, Wise Minutes™ (Pin-less) and Wise Top Ups™ and provides customers with automatic enrollment in My Wise™ Rewards – the industry’s first branded loyalty program. (domestic and international).


WISE™ Account Benefits Include:

Freedom of Use

No contracts or commitments, Pay-As-You-Go service and the ability to call Whenever, Wherever, Whomever from Whichever phone.

Superior Service and Quality

Outstanding 24-7 live customer service and premium sound and quality connection.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Call frequently-dialed international destinations by pressing ONE single button and ability to program international destinations on a virtual contact list.

Auto Recharge

Program automatic recharge amounts with a credit/debit card.

Appreciation and Rewards

Consumers get automatically enrolled in CereTel’s unique in the industry loyalty program. Wise™ consumers get points for every dollar spent, points get redeemed for free balance added to their accounts

Share and Gift Balance

Gift balance to another Wise™ account or to allow family and friends to continually share on Wise™ account balance.