Network and Platform. Best in Class

At CereTel, we believe that reliability and quality of service are just as important as providing great rates to our customers. Our dedicated and highly talented staff of Telecom and IT experts is passionate about making sure our customers not only get the most minutes but can also trust they’ll get the best possible service quality.

Our inbound connections are being handled by clusters of industry-leading ACME SBCs and we are leveraging the processing power and reliability of Sonus GSX 9000HD carrier class VoIP and TDM gateways for call termination and audio transcoding.

We service hundreds of millions of prepaid calling accounts, which are sold via a multitude of direct outlets and distributors, so we created a billing and operations platform that enables us to do that without fail. We’re proud to say we’ve had 100% uptime since our platform, based on industry-leading carrier grade database technology, was debuted. Every single element is designed to be fully redundant and there is no single point of failure in the entire network.

Our Network Operations Center monitors and tracks our network performance 24 hours a day, every day of the week. We’re always here to make sure our customers get the exceptional service they’ve come to expect from our products.

Consumers and Retailers expect the utmost reliability, and we’ve built a network that delivers. The CereTel network elements are hosted in a carrier class tier-1 facility with state-of-the-art security, including biometric sensors, multiple hours of battery backup and an additional diesel generator for providing emergency power for several days. And just like our billing and operations platform, everything about our network is redundantly designed and we are interconnected via multiple 10 Gbps links to numerous tier-1 IP providers.