CereTel’s Culture

1. Who Our Consumers Are

Our consumers are global. They’re first and second generation immigrants, international students and world travelers with strong ties overseas.

2. What Our Products and Services Provide

We bring our consumers a portfolio of high quality products and services that anticipate and satisfy their needs, to support their journey to prosperity, acculturation and world integration.

3. Ubiquitous Distribution

We strive to make our products and services available anywhere our consumers need them.

4. Most Valuable Asset

Our employees. By creating a great place to work, we inspire our employees to be the best they can be.

5. The Pursuit Of Excellence

Great service just isn’t enough. Service excellence is our company strategy and philosophy. It begins and ends with every single employee of our company at every single business interaction.

6. Productivity is a Must

We are a highly effective, efficient, lean and fast-moving organization.

7. We Can’t Do It Alone

We nurture a winning network of customers, partners and suppliers to create mutual enduring value.

8. We Exist to Build Value

Our success is your success. We aim to maximize long-term returns to our customers, partners, shareowners and the community.